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Verse 1:

im like a bird amd i aim soo high in my lear lookn' at the blue sky cant let another day pass by without doin what i feel inside cause its embedded in my soul day i stop will be the day i turn cold let you know im breaking outta that hole and let go so i can be free to do what means to me and you can look back one day and know i shared with you my kid i hope you wouldent think id just leave pack up and roll up my sleeve give it all up and leave with nothing and take with me all i got to give
thats why

chorus: x2
i just wanna make you clap again
clap again
i just wanna make you clap again
clap again

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Akon - Acquitted şarkı sözü
Akon - Acquitted sözleri
Acquitted - Akon şarkı sözü
Acquitted - Akon şarkı sözleri
Acquitted sözleri
Akon - Acquitted lyrics
Akon - Acquitted Şarkı Sözleri Acquitted şarkı sözü ara

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