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When the autumn leaves are falling to the ground
When the air gets cold then I think of us
Of you and I
And it almost makes me cry
So sad and kind of bitter sweet
And the memories filled with tears
And I feel my heart will break
Guess it all was my mistake

Autumn's chilly winds were blowing through the trees
The rain fell softly on your face
Oh I remember every little thing about that day
I remember every place
Grey skies, you were laughing at the clouds
The rain fell softly on your face
The memories of our time together cannot be replaced
I never loved you more than on those happy autumn days

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Abba - Hamlet iii şarkı sözü
Abba - Hamlet iii sözleri
Hamlet iii - Abba şarkı sözü
Hamlet iii - Abba şarkı sözleri
Hamlet iii sözleri
Abba - Hamlet iii lyrics
Abba - Hamlet iii Şarkı Sözleri Hamlet iii şarkı sözü ara

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Hamlet iii
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