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Standing at the window looking out with both hands on the phone pressed to my ear
I lean my forehead against the glass
and it's cold against my skin
I run my fingers along the shape of the phone searching out every seam and crevice
looking for the way in
the phone rings in my ear again and a machine you comes on
and tells me to leave a message and you'll call
I think now that if I try, if I try, if I concentrate hard enough
I can change myself into something else
then I'll be able to pour myself into this wire
travel across these lines and find my way to you
or maybe there's another trick, another spell
and I could change you
and I'd draw you to me,
pull you to me,
crawl to me

draw you to me
pull you to me
call you to me
crawl to me

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8mm - Crawl şarkı sözü
8mm - Crawl sözleri
Crawl - 8mm şarkı sözü
Crawl - 8mm şarkı sözleri
Crawl sözleri
8mm - Crawl lyrics
8mm - Crawl Şarkı Sözleri Crawl şarkı sözü ara

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