702 - Finally Sözleri

[Verse One:]
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see
I couldn't think, I could not believe
How good it felt when we touched
I couldn't fight, I couldn't try
I couldn't hide, I could not deny
That lightning can strike more than once

Finally I know anything is possible
Finally I know that some things are beyond our control
Finally I know all is fair in love and war
Finally I know there's no need for keeping score
No need to worry

[Verse Two:]
I didn't see, I didn't want
I didn't need, I did not recognise
That love was there inside your eyes
I didn't say, I didn't act
I didn't complain, I did not resign
But something happened that felt so right

I was so amazed by the magic that I found in you
I can't describe it but I know that I like it
What you do.

[Repeat Chorus]

Finally I know that life has a gaurantee
That nothing tastes the same
And everything must change
Finally I've come to realise
There is a reason for every season

[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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702 - Finally şarkı sözü
702 - Finally sözleri
Finally - 702 şarkı sözü
Finally - 702 şarkı sözleri
Finally sözleri
702 - Finally lyrics
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