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Why do I feel so teary all of a sudden?
Who would know my sad heart
Why do I feel so teary all of a sudden?
Who would know my sad heart

Its one in the morning, the intoxicated rain is falling
Its a sleepless night
Sometimes exhausted, bruised and painful heart
I try to remember everything
But all of them are just past memories
They're just traces of my faded laughter
The only thing that comes out are my deep sighs
I believed everything was forever
I was stupid back then
One by one, they are al leaving me
I didnt hold onto everything yet, I wanted to forget you but
For the remaining time, I miss you

I want to cry, I want to cry, this heart
Love goes.. Friends go.. everything goes

You left me after you gave me a whole bunch of scars
You left me after you made me a dumb idiot
After I heard that my ex girlfriend was getting married
I pretended to to calm but when I was alone, I was hurt
Girls these days dont want guys
They just want a lot of money and fast cars
So guys have to make a lot of money to love
As I get older, little by little, I get farther away from my friends
And once in a while I'd come across them, but it'd just be akward
I dont know if its you who has changed
Or if its me who has changed over time

[repeat Chorus]

You'll know when they all leave
You'd probably know
You'll know when they all leave
You'd probably know

Yo, this is my life story as it goes on day by day
I wonder if the skies are sometimes sad like me
I wonder how you are right now, listening to this song
I tell myself that I gotta smile, but I still shed akward tears
But I still have to smile
My throat gets tight and my heart is in pain, I want to cry

[repeat Chorus]

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Etiketler :
1tym - Cry (traducao) şarkı sözü
1tym - Cry (traducao) sözleri
Cry (traducao) - 1tym şarkı sözü
Cry (traducao) - 1tym şarkı sözleri
Cry (traducao) sözleri
1tym - Cry (traducao) lyrics
1tym - Cry (traducao) Şarkı Sözleri Cry (traducao) şarkı sözü ara

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Cry (traducao)
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