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Is the new destination
Who's the next radical

Keep me fed up with the same old get up
What's enough for me is enough for you
And you're leaving town to get a new tattoo

Make it mega bright for you
Future is bright for you
I meant to get away
Dent in history

To heal the incision
Loud and clear
Your actions speak so loud and clear

Yesterday so fresh and new
You can't decide what is fresh and new
'Cause sarcasm has got the best of me
When the future looks bright for you
See my image on the TV screen
It's actions speak so loud and clear
It'll give you what you want
But what you want is drilled inside your head
Don't listen to me I'm just a hypocrite
A victim of this simple circumstance

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12 Rods

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12 Rods - Megabright şarkı sözü
12 Rods - Megabright sözleri
Megabright - 12 Rods şarkı sözü
Megabright - 12 Rods şarkı sözleri
Megabright sözleri
12 Rods - Megabright lyrics
12 Rods - Megabright Şarkı Sözleri Megabright şarkı sözü ara

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12 Rods
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